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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Customized Products

          • Silicone rubber cord
          Silicone rubber cord

          Silicone rubber cord

          • Silicone rubber
          • Solid,sponge,foam
          • White,Red,Transparent
          • High temperature
          • Product description: High temperature resist solid sponge foam round silicone rubber cord
          • INQUIRY

          Silicone rubber cord

          We are a professional rubber seal manufacturer, specializing in the production and supply of various rubber cords, including solid, hollow, foam, etc. The materials are silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM, NBR, natural rubber NR, hydrogen Nitrile rubber HNBR, neoprene CR, etc., colors include white, red, black, green, brown, blue and other colors.

          Custom rubber cord are welcomed.

          Please contact:

          [email protected]

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