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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Oil Seals

          • PTFE Oil Seal
          • PTFE Oil Seal
          • PTFE Oil Seal
          PTFE Oil SealPTFE Oil SealPTFE Oil Seal

          PTFE Oil Seal

          • Stainless Steel
          • PTFE lip
          • Single lip,double lip, 3 lips
          • Product description: Stainless Steel PTFE rotary shaft oil seal,1 lip,2 lips,3 lips;High pressure oil seal,air compressor oil seal
          • INQUIRY
          PTFE Oil Seal

          It is consists of a stainless steel skeleton and PTFE sealing lip. The common number of lips is single lip, double lip and three lips. Has good properties of low friction, high pressure resistance, low energy consumption and corrosion resistance, mainly be used as high pressure oil seals and air compressor oil seals.

          Technical data:

          Material:Stainless Steel+PTFE/Filled PTFE(Carbon/glass fiber/MOS2/Graphite)
          Pressure: 20 MPa
          Temperature:  -60 ° C / +200 ° C

          Speed: ≤40 m/s

          lips: single lip,double lips,three lips,etc.

          Size: Please request.

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