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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Oil Seals

          • Split Oil Seal
          Split Oil Seal

          Split Oil Seal

          • Single split
          • double split
          • High quality PU
          • Product description: single split oil seal,double split oil seal,labyrinth oil seal
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          The split oil seal is designed to solve the inconvenience of the traditional skeleton oil seal installation, and can replace the traditional skeleton oil seal. The single split oil seal can be quickly installed without dismantling the shaft, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.


          1. Split structure design is convenient for online installation and replacement, easy to operate;

          2. Polyurethane turning, no need to open the mold, high precision, short delivery period, one piece can be processed, and the price is low;

          3. Ensure zero leakage, easy maintenance and low operating costs


          High quality polyurethane PU

          Technical Data:

          Temperature: -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C;

          Line speed: 5m/S

          Pressure: 0.05Mpa

          Split Oil Seal Application:

          Widely used in bearing housings and gearbox shaft end seals in steel machinery, power plants, cement, petroleum, chemical, mining, marine, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries

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