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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Oil Seals

          • Power Steering Oil Seal
          • Power Steering Oil Seal
          Power Steering Oil SealPower Steering Oil Seal

          Power Steering Oil Seal

          • Steering oil seal
          • NBR/FKM+Iron
          • High pressure
          • Application:Auto,Constrution machinery
          • Product description:
          • INQUIRY

          Fluid Power Steering Oil Seal


          1.Reciprocating movement;

          2.preventing the loss of pressure and ensure the normal operation of the power steering system.

          Technical data:

          Material: NBR + iron skeleton; FKM + iron skeleton
          Temperature: NBR -20°C/+120°C; FKM: -20°C/+200°C
          Color: brown, blue, can be customized
          Pressure: less than 10MPa
          Size: Please consult the standard size.

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