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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Rotary Seals

          • RRI


          • Product description: Rotary Shaft Seal RRI
          • INQUIRY

          1. Applications and properties

          Applied to engineering machinery,construction machinery and automobile machinery.etc.A filled

          PTFEseal ring,an energized O-Ring and two back up ring compact seal.Special seal surface

          designto suit forhigh pressure and low viscosity. Concave back face design increases coefficient

          offriction, no crawlingand no stick-slip behavior,simple groove and small sizes,anti-wear property

          and dimension stability.

          2.Standard materials

          Slide Ring: PTFE:bronze filled PTFE,carbon fiber filled PTFE,graphite filled PTFE

          Back-up Ring: POM or Nylon(PA)

          3.Working conditions

          Diameter Range: from 50 mm to 1000 mm

          Pressure Range:0-36 MPa

          Temp Range: -36℃ to 100℃

          Speed: <=0.5 m/s

          Medium:General petroleum based hydraulic oil,water/glycol hydraulic oil,oil/water emulsional

          hydraulic oil.

          Other general seal profile name: OI,DRDI

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