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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Spring Energized Seals/Vari Seal

          • RPTFE elgiloy lip seal
          RPTFE elgiloy lip seal

          RPTFE elgiloy lip seal

          • Material:carbon filled PTFE
          • Black
          • SUS304,SUS301,SUS316
          • Elgiloy
          • Product description:
          • INQUIRY
          RPTFE elgiloy lip seal has good sealing performance in low pressure and vacuum environment. It is widely used in compressors, petrochemical and natural gas equipment, rotary joints and laser cutting equipment.


          Main body: carbon fiber filled PTFE (Other materials available)
          Spring: SUS316, SUS301, SUS304, others are optional.

          Technical parameter:
          Pressure: dynamic: 20MPa; static: 80MPa
          Linear speed: reciprocating movement 5m/s; rotation movement: 0.1m/s
          Working temperature: -200 ~ +260°C

          High contact pressure;
          Good sealing performance in gas and fluid;
          Can withstand large temperature changes;
          Good chemical resistance
          Can be in contact with food and drugs
          Good aging resistance
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