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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Gasket washers Back-up Ring

          • Carbon PEEK back-up ring
          • Carbon PEEK back-up ring
          Carbon PEEK back-up ringCarbon PEEK back-up ring

          Carbon PEEK back-up ring

          • Carbon fiber filled PEEK
          • Good bearing properties
          • Good wear properties
          • Balck gasket
          • Product description:
          • INQUIRY

          This gasket was made from carbon fiber filled PEEK,enhanced PEEK makes it has very good bearing and wear properties,suitable for automible industries and mechanical engineerings,etc.

          Material:PEEK+30% carbon/PEEK+30% glass/PEEK+10% carbon+10% graphite+10% PTFE

          Technical Data:


          Short time:+300 degree celsius

          Long time:+260 degree ceelsius

          Feature: Lubricant,good bearing and wear properties.

          Color: Black

          For more information or inquiry,

          please request.

          [email protected]

          Skype: live:bosssealing

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