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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Hydraulic Rod Seals

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          1. Applications and properties

          Be suitable for large bore diameter and hard working conditions of heavy duty hydraulic cylinders           systems.

          For reciprocated hydraulic system,allow large extrusion gap,has wide application,high static and             dynamic sealing effect,be able to work in dusty condition,low friction,

          available in various of materials.

          2.Standard materials

          Slide Ring:bronze filled PTFE,carbon fiber filled PTFE,graphite filled PTFE

          O-Ring:NBR/FKM. other material is available.

          3.Working conditions

          Diameter Range: from 50mm to 1000mm

          Pressure Range:0-60 MPa

          Temp Range: -30℃ to 100℃

          Speed: <=5m/s

          Medium:Hydraulic Oil,water,air barely flammable fluids.

          Other general seal profile name:Stepseal 2K,OD/OMS/MR/GODI/SP,GSJ-W

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