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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Hydraulic Rod Seals

          • RSS-J


          • rod step seal
          • rod cylinder seal
          • Product description: Step Seal RSS-J,GSJ-BSJ
          • INQUIRY

          Rod seal RSS-J consist oftwo pieces seal set for sealing rod with one slide seal ring and one energizer rubber o ring.

          Applications and properties

          For both high and low speed reciprocated hydraulic system and high pressure cylinder rod.

          Good dimensional stability,no affected by temperature,low friction,strong in corrosion resistance.

          Can work without lubrication,simple installation.

          Standard materials

          Slide Ring:bronze filled PTFE,carbon fiber filled PTFE,graphite filled PTFE,glass fiber

          filled PTFE,MoS2 filled PTFE.

          O-Ring:NBR/FKM.other material is available.


          Bore diameter from 3 mm to 1600 mm.

          Other general seal profile name:GSJ,BSJ,step seal,HBTS

          No previous NEXT:PGR-H
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