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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Encapsulated Seals

          • Encapsulated o ring cord
          Encapsulated o ring cord

          Encapsulated o ring cord

          • Encapsulated rubber cord
          • FEP rubber cord
          • PFA rubber cord
          • Coated O-ring strips
          • Product description: PTFE coated strip; FEP PFA Encapsulated rubber cord Coating round cord
          • INQUIRY

          In order to flexibly meet the different needs of customers, we provide a length of unwelded encapsulated o ring cord, allowing customers to re-process the O-ring strips under certain conditions to suit the specific installation dimensions of the equipment.


          PTFE FEP Silicone o-ring cord

          PTFE FEP FKM o-ring cord

          PTFE PFA Silicone o ring cord

          PTFE PFA FKM o ring cord

          PTFE FEP stainless steel cord

          PTFE PFA stainless steel cord

          Nonstandard material,sizes and specific requirement available.

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