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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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          Encapsulated Seals

          • Double PTFE Coated O-Ring
          • Double PTFE Coated O-Ring
          Double PTFE Coated O-RingDouble PTFE Coated O-Ring

          Double PTFE Coated O-Ring

          • Double white PTFE jackets
          • silicone or FKM rubber core
          • Good chemical resistance
          • TTV o ring,tts o ring
          • Product description: Double PTFE encapsulated FPM FKM silicone MVQ o-rings
          • INQUIRY

          PTFE Double-Jacketed O-Rings

          PTFE Double-Jacketed O-Rings is the escalation of FEP encapsulated gasket, Except the swelling is no better thanit ,There are all other advantages of FEP encapsulated O ring, but also a higher pressure, flexibility, better and more easy to install than FEP encapsulated O ring.

          PTFE Double-Jacketed O-Rings is made of the silicagel ring or viton ring core encased by two relatively thin PTFE shells.ring joints staggered to 180.

          Normal Material:
          PTFE: -60℃~ 205℃;

          260℃ short time.


          Fluoro rubber FKM/FPM -60℃~ 205℃

          silicone rubber: -20℃~+200℃


          Standard and non-standard.

          Related words: TTV,TTS,TTV o-ring,TTS o ring,double PTFE lap silicone o ring,double PTFE lap fkm o ring.

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