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          Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
          Language: Chinese ∷  English

          Industry new

          IMAD SHENZHEN 2019 Will Open On 26 Jun. – 28 Jun., 2019

          IAMD Shenzhen 2019 to expedite the transformation of manufacturing industry in Southern China

          Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives SHENZHEN 2019 (IAMD SHENZHEN) will open at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 26 Jun. – 28 Jun., 2019.Covering a total display area of 35,000 sqm, the fair features six sectors of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot, intelligent control system, mechanical transmission system, machine vision and industrial IoT, aiming to build a widely recognized exchange platform for the intelligent manufacturing and automation industry in Southern China.

          Product Category

          Intelligent Equipment & Industrial Robot

          Industrial Robot and Parts, Painting Robot, Palletizing Robot, Transfer Robot, Assembly Robot, Handling Robot, Welding Robot, Rectangular Coordinate Robot, Robot Integrated Application and Solution, CNC System

          Intelligent Control System

          Control System, PLC, SCADA, Sensor and Actuator, Servo Motor, Frequency Converter, Connector, Human Machine Interface, Motion Servo, Chassis and Cabinet, Embedded Industrial Power Supply, Electrical Power, Wire and Cable Accessories, Electrical Equipment, Process and Energy Automation System

          Mechanical Transmission System

          Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fluid Drive and components(including hydrauic seals,Pneumatic Seals), Mechanical Transmission Components and Parts, Bearing, Gearing, Motor, Linear Technology, Sealing Technology

          Machine vision

          Smart Camera, Industrial Lens, Interface Card, Accessories, Light Source, Image Processing System, Machine Vision Integration, Machine Vision Accessories, Commercial Measurement,

          Instruments and Apparatus, Flow Meter, Measuring and Test Equipment

          Industrial Internet of Things

          Industrial communication, Internet of Things, Big data/Cloud Computing, Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Personal Computer, Network and Field Bus System, Assembly and Handling System, Linear Positioning Systems, Industrial Automation Technology and Software, Information Security


          Non-standard Automation Equipment, Automatic Packaging Machine, Automatic Labeling Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Automatic Dispensing Machine, Automatic Winding Machine, all kinds of Automatic Pproduction Lines, Electronic Components and Auxiliary Equipment, Training and Consulting.


          CONTACT US

          Contact: Henry

          Phone: +86 13392768056(WhatsApp)

          Tel: +86 757 87333601

          Email: [email protected]

          Add: DX3906,Sanshui,Foshan City,528100,Guangdong,China

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